Old Mansion Spice Company

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Old Mansion Foods is the home of the best spices in the world. From the highest quality cinnamon from Madagascar, delightful coffees from South America, incredible paprika from Spain and the popular peppers from India, Old Mansion spice company has the best quality herbs, spices and seasonings that meet your needs.

Over a Century of Greatness and Quality

Based in Petersburg, VA, the company has been providing an exquisite range of custom spices and seasonings for over a century.  Since its founding in 1877, the company has provided millions of remarkable spices and seasonings, as well as custom blends and mixes to the food industry. It continuously embraces its unique culture of Southern delicacies that will never be out of date.

Due to the incredible service and unrivalled quality of products they provide, Old Mansion spice company www.oldmansion.com has dramatically increased its size operations, continuously developing their services and ensuring that their happy customers throughout the industry will continue to be satisfied. The company’s restaurant, institutional and foodservice clients have been taking full advantage of its competitive pricing, quality assurance and food safety on seasonings, wholesale spices, private label spices and more.

Old Mansion Spice Company


Old Mansion’s Continuous Development

Old Mansion Foods was founded upon the foundations of Quality, Integrity and Safety. Due to the unparalleled services it constantly delivered to its customers over the century, it was able to develop its operations. The company now have several production facilities and warehouses that enable them to store raw materials close to their cleaning, roasting, sterilizing and grinding operations. This also ensures that their clients will continue to obtain the goodness and freshness of the spices, seasonings and products they provide.

At the company’s processing plants and warehouses, they receive their truck shipments and containers, package their bulk materials, control inventory and then ship out their orders. In close proximity is their 137,000sq. ft. headquarters, including their sales and corporate offices, test kitchen, laboratory and production operations. Every process and operation is conducted with great attention to detail, ensuring that only the best and the freshest material is extracted.

What Set This Spice Company Apart from the Competition?

Old Mansion is a reputable spice company with over a century of experience in delivering the freshest and best quality services and products to customers. The relationships of the company with its customers have spanned that long, which is a manifestation of its reputation for quality. With its long-standing presence in the food industry, Old Mansion has a huge competitive advantage that will secure its unmatched success for many years to come.

The company sells bulk spices and private label spices for large foodservice businesses and restaurants. Wholesale spices, coffees, teas and seasonings are the core of its business. As the company developed into a world-class company, it continues to deliver the best in the world, pleasing and satisfying even the pickiest palates in the world.

As the company has grown into one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of quality spice in Virginia, they have never compromised their dedication to customer service and quality care. When you visit their headquarters, you will witness that their commitment to delivering only the best and innovative flavors never faltered.