Zoological Wildlife Foundation

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Miami is one of the world’s favorite vacation spot. Miami has, no doubt, something to offer for everyone. It has trendy beaches, endless shopping opportunities, Hotels, parks, museums, etc. This state has nearly everything, from recreational to educational spot.

But one spot that finds itself outstanding among all is Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Commonly known as ZWF Miami among the tourists, is not just a picnic point, what makes it outstanding is the cause, they are promoting. Other than just a recreational wild life park for visitors, Zoological Wildlife Foundation has been busy in numerous noble activities for saving wild animals from calamities and extinctions. Let’s have a look, what Zoological Wildlife Foundation has to offer.

Top Ranked Wildlife Park

If you are visiting Miami this season and wish for you and your family to have a perfect and thrilling vacation experience, then ZWF Miami is your spot. Its wildlife zoo is considered to have one of the best facilities in the world. ZWF Miami’s Zoo is ranked #4 in USA and #9 all over the world. Moreover, famous tourism website tripadvisor.com has ranked ZWF Miami as #5 out of 326 places to see in Miami.

ZWF Miami is the main zoo in South Florida with live animal encounter. More than 20 exotic species are kept at ZWF Miami. The main distinguished feature of this zoo is animal interaction activities with the visitors under supervision of specially trained wildlife staff. Zoological Wildlife Foundation covers the area of 5 acres, and it keeps so much different species ranging from domestic animals to large predatory birds and animals. The most distinguished entities at ZWF Miami include Lemurs, owls, Gibbon Apes, Lions, Snow Leopards, Sloths, snakes, Anteater, and wicked Capuchin monkeys.

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The Zoological Wildlife Foundation offers insinuate tours and private experiences by arrangement.  Take your time exploring the interesting habitats and heritage of our animals. Walk around and get eye-to-eye with these astounding animals. Play with energetic cubs or have selfie with giant snake.  Jump about with Lemurs in their walkthrough area or see wild lions enjoying their cat nap. Have a conversation with our specialists about what it resembles to tend to these stunning creatures and how our populace of Wildcats, lemurs, sloth and other outlandish creatures has developed over the previous year.

There’s something for the entire family, and the ZWF Miami is wheelchair and pushchair friendly! ZWF Miami offers an incredible value for money day out. You must visit the place once to get enthralled by colorful exotic creatures. Whether you are a visitor from across the globe or you live in neighborhood, you owe it to yourself to experience the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. It’s an ordeal you will always remember.

Wild Life Conservation Program in the Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Conservation of wild life is another cause ZWF Miami is working day and night or saving hundreds of wild lives. At the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, the conservation is more important than just important to save all the species at danger of extinction. Conservation is the hard and filthy work, but it is necessary for safeguarding species for posterity.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation with the help of donations and global network of conservationists. Runs many conservation activities locally and globally. ZWF Miami supports many on ground programs, along with some captive breeding programs, to protect future of undermined and imperiled species that may some way or another be lost.

Some of the ongoing conservation ventures, of Zoological Wildlife Foundation, are

  • Cheetah conservation in Botswana
  • Zambian Carnivore program
  • Niassa Lion Project
  • ZWF Bosu Cubs project
  • White Lion Saving from canned hunting

All these conservation programs need huge donations and supports and Zoological Wildlife Foundations appeals for your support and donations so that many endangered species may get a chance of survival.


Wildlife Education program in ZWF Miami

Wildlife Education Program is another venture of ZWF Miami. There is no preferable approach to safeguard wildlife then through education. According to ZWF Miami, It’s a shared responsibility to wildlife. For as long as there have been people, there have been dangers to wildlife. ZWF Miami owns that responsibility to wildlife goes far beyond the walls of our facility.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation offers a few projects which give you the chance to find out about many jeopardized and colorful creatures. The educational programs cover diets, native habitat, endangered status and more. Zoological Wildlife Foundation claims that education programs that emphasize the importance of environmental protection may be the most important investment they can offer in long prospect.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation presents safe, live animals to learning groups of all sorts. ZWF Miami offers animals, trained staff and knowledge to you, teaching for 45-55 minutes on a subject you choose.

Different wildlife educational and awareness programs take place time to time under the supervision of Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Rhino day walk, angels and star gala and walk for animals were some of the events, held in the same context. ZWF Miami is specialized in live programs for wild life awareness on different topics. The salient features of live programs at ZWF Miami are

Fun. Our training is introducing the creatures and the data in a funny and instructive way. The shows are pressed with adjust of logical and senseless certainties.

Genuine. No book or recordings can ever supplant the genuine article. Our creature programs actually make the topic wake up.

Savvy. The projects are effortlessly shared amongst classes and grades.

Involved. Your gathering is urged to touch the creatures and make inquiries about them. Ponders affirm the best learning is accomplished through dynamic inclusion.

Helpful. Not at all like field treks, presentations are not climate ward, can be held in the littlest of classes or the biggest of assembly rooms and can be booked at whatever time of the year.


Your kids ought to be a part of these educational live programs to get awareness about being responsible for his role in saving the future of wild life. As, this is the only way to save the species from extinction so that natural balance of life may remain intact.